Windows XP + SP2 and WZC

I read somewhere that Windows XP with SP2 Plus WZC, as the control for Wireless, will periodically search for higher preference APs. Also, if it finds one, it will drop the current AP and associate with the newly found one. As I understand it, this is strictly a function of how WZC operates under SP2.

What are the mechanics and details of how it works, its rules, et al?

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You define a list of APs and their priority via the network config screens. You can remove APs entirely from the list if you want to.

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Mark McIntyre

People have complained that their AP has dropped out because WZC periodically scans for better AP candidates to associate with. Also, sometimes by turning off WZC and using the vendor's driver, you don't get the abandonment for another AP. I'm saying there must be a way you can keep WZC and change its behavior regards this scan.

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