WiFi on Cell phones

I have a question regarding WiFi on cell phones that work with standard carriers like Sprint , Verizon etc

If I buy one of these phones, can I otherwise use the phone without connecting to the carrier ?

That is . without activation, would my PDA, camera etc on the phone work for example (if it has those functions) ?

(By activation , I of course mean buying service from carrier and "activating the phone for service"........I don't mean just turning the power switch on the phone)

Would the WiFi still work on the cell phone, (if I just power it up) ?

When you talk of WiFi on a cell phone, is it full fledged WiFi as you would receive on a laptop or is it a condensed version ?

So I would not have to buy the service from the carrier anymore to access the web ( of course, to the extent that I can access WiFi services ) ?


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"Carla" hath wroth:

Yes. Without activation, everything works except the phone part. Actually, the phone works for 911 and 611 (customer service) on Verizon without activation. I have a Verizon XV6700. The Sprint equivalent is a PPC6700.

Yes. Mine does. There's a bit of configuration that needs to be done to prevent something like Internet Exploder from trying to connect to the internet via EVDO or 1xRTT. Just disable that, and it will default to Wi-Fi.

Yes. If you want, you load Skype and play VoIP over Wi-Fi without any Verizon involvement.

What features do you need? The big problem with the XV6700 and PPC6700 is that they only do 802.11b. No 802.11g. However, they'll do WPA-PSK, so it will work with most system.

Skype works. I haven't tried any other VoIP clients for Windoze Mobile 2005.

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When I refer to WiFi I am not talking about skype or using the phone as a phone (sounds funny) but I am talking about using the phone like a PC ......for example if I type

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would it take me to the msn website etc ( Sorry I do not know how else to explain this) just like what iPhone supposedly does


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hath wroth:

Yep. The built in web browser in Windoze Mobile 2005 works just fine using a Wi-Fi connection, instead of a cellular (EVDO) connection. The XV6700 is very much like the iPhone except that it's a lower resolution screen and also doesn't have the nifty screen navigation features of the iPhone.

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