Nolonger Able To Connect To WiFi


I have a IBM Thinkpad R51 that use to get online with no problems. Now when I try to connect it wont connect. I never had this problem before and I would really appreciate any help. :confused:.

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popz hath wroth:

Do you have XP or Vista? I'll assume it's XP because you said IBM and not Lenovo.

There are various ways to enable/disable the wireless device. I think the R51 doesn't have a slide switch. That's also key combination. Right click on wireless icon under: Control Panel -> Network and select "enable" if it's offered. If you own the access point to which you're trying to connect, you might try turning the power on/off to power cycle it. Also, reboot your R51 computah.

Otherewise, follow the IBM wireless troublshooting checklist at:

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Jeff Liebermann

The radio switch on the R51 is Fn+ F5.

Who's handl Steve

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