WAP54 - WEP key generator basics

I was started at the beginning and reading thru the specifics of using WEP, will then get to WPA, etc.

The Linksys WAP54G admin section for WEP has you select either 64bit or 128bit and prompts for a "phrase" used to generate the key/s.

The key/s are generated - there are 4 - either 10 or 26 hex digits - At the bottom of the screen, there is a "TX KEY" dropdown with 1 thru 4.

Are all 4 keys used - or does the dropdown specify just 1 of the 4 ?

What info is then needed to config the "client card" to connect to the WAP using WEP ?

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Just went back and looked at the various WPA-xxx settings, and it only has the box for a "phrase" and key update/refresh interval.

I'm guessing that since the WPA is a dynamically updating scheme, there is no intial "key" that needs to be placed in the WAP or client - they will figure it all out -

SO - if someone has used WEP - they really have to write down the passphrase & which key used (1 of 4 ?) whereas the WPA protocol handles all that and you just need to write down the phrase.

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In WPA-PSK mode (typically used in home setups), you have to enter a key (pass-phrase) once into the router and each client to set them up. (PSK = Pre-Shared Key) There is a separate dynamic key that automatically changes periodically.

This may be router-dependent. My router (Buffalo) doesn't have the 1-4 selector for WEP.

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Yes. You one need copy of the same key at each end. I guess that your router allows 4 keys to be entered and the clients can use any one of them. Could be handy for migration to new keys I guess. WEP is completely cracked and is considered insecure.

Key distribution in WPA-PSK (pre Shared Key) is the same as WEP. You type it in to both ends.

WPA has not been cracked as far an anyone knows as long as you use non-dictionary words and make the key long enough.

Don't be tempted to hide the SSID at least until you get it working. Best not to turn it off at all.

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