apple i-book login to buffalo airstation

i've created a 5 letter password for my airstation. my PC laptop logins fine, but my i-book via airport can't access the wireless network via the WEP password. Please help!

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Use the hex version of the WEP key instead of the ASCII version of the key and it will work. However, you should not be using WEP as it's one big security problem. Use WPA or WPA2.

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Jeff Liebermann

WEP has a problem in that there is no unique scheme for converting a passphrase to a key. You need to observe the hexadecimal key that your password generates and enter that into the i-book instead of the password.

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Larry Finger

passphrase to a key. You need

into the i-book instead

How do I observe the hexidecimal key?

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If you are asking how to enter a hexadecimal WEP key on your iBook, that varies depending on the version of Mac OS you are using. The following Apple Support articles may be of help.

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Neill Massello (Neill Massello) hath wroth:

The Buffalo Airstation should display the WEP key in ASCII on the "wireless security" configuration page. If not, use this Perl script to guess the WEP key.

64bit WEP will be 5 ASCII characters or 13 Hex characters long. 128bit WEP will be 10 ASCII characters or 26 Hex characters long.

C:\> perl test5

Converting ASCII string 'test5' to hexadecimal using common wifi driver algorithms.

40 bit Prism II (D-Link, Apple) key 0: 74 54 f9 6b 61 key 1: 4d 0f 6c dd 9f key 2: 08 ed 52 9a 4a key 3: d0 e7 59 cf 3a

104 bit Prism II (D-Link, Apple)

8c84110e3838216aee03e168adacb972 or for apple: 8c84110e3838216aee03e168ad

40 bit Hermes (Orinoco)


104 bit Hermes (Orinoco)


C:\> perl ihateradio

Converting ASCII string 'ihateradio' to hexadecimal using common wifi driver algorithms.

40 bit Prism II (D-Link, Apple) key 0: 83 48 ff f4 38 key 1: b2 67 0d 39 0c key 2: 7d 9a 65 4a bb key 3: 3d ac 2f 24 f9

104 bit Prism II (D-Link, Apple) d49434d5242e0b23e8b985f89ae50df1 or for apple: d49434d5242e0b23e8b985f89a

40 bit Hermes (Orinoco) 6968617465

104 bit Hermes (Orinoco)

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