Buffalo AOSS WEP 64 Key?

I just purchased the WiFi gamers and it works great, but Im trying to us it on non-AOSS devices. Heres the configuration on my browser

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Im using WEP64 and instead of 10 characters, it shows 40 characters. How do I find my real key?

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You don't need to. You enter it in your router, and then you re-enter it in the clients.

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Mark McIntyre

Does it have a model number? Does the router in the picture have a model number?

Dunno. However, I think you should know that: Encryption ASCII Hex Chars Chars WEP 64 5 10 WEP 128 13 26

Also, WEP is terribly insecrure, where the key can be recovered by sniffing in literally seconds. I suggest you switch to WPA-PSK (or WPA-Personal) which as yet to be cracked with a sufficiently long and messy pass phrase.

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Jeff Liebermann

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