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You would have to have a cable modem. Then if the wag54g allows you to configure for a cable connection you can use it, otherwise if it only allows pppoe config your stuck waiting for the dsl.

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This product will only function with an ADSL connection.

If you want that flexibility then WRT54G or WRT54GS is the product you need and then you would use an external ADSL modem or a cable modem as the case may be.

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Hello there,

I've got a WAG54G that comes with an ADSL modem. Well, since my ADSL

isp havent activated yet my subscription, I stick with an Cable ISP.

I would like to know how can I configure this Linksys to recieve cable

net and let all computers surf in the web, including wireless ones.

Any idea?

Thank your for the time


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