W2K and D-Link DSL-G604T hangs after 5 mins no matter which adaptor I use

Using this router my PC upstairs works fine with either the D-Link adaptor that came with the router or the cheapo unbranded one I bought on Ebay. Downstairs my other PC works for 5 mins and then the internet pages just stop loading even though the signal strength has not dropped. Even if I put the router one foot from the adaptor the same thing happens even though the adaptor software reports 100% signal strength. When I decided to access Windows Update (using my modem instead) I get an error that means update won't run. Any ideas? Thanks, Lee.

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Some source of 2.4 GHz interference downstairs.

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John Navas

do you have the manfacturer specific software installed on the faulty client? If so try disabling windows handling of the wireless connection.

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