Question to D-Link DSL-G604T users

Um, actually DMZ is well know. And the way it works is by placing a USED IP address in the DMZ, it allows that computer to be viewed by others on the internet, like for hosting online games or making a file server or web site. The D-Link router will by default have stealth for all your ports enabled. I use the D-Link 514 router and love it.

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Robert Jacobs
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Just wondering if anyone else has experienced either of these issues or maybe even see if you router does this.

I am on my second D-Link DSL-G604T modem/wireless/router (Australian Version). Firmware is current. I have 2 issues that I am trying to get to the bottom of and am wondering if anyone else has noticed.

The first issue is that in a quite room I can hear a very high pitched "whistle" coming out of the router only when it is actually connected to the internet. It is similar to the high pitched "whistle" that may be heard from some crt monitors. I know I'm not going mad because as I said, I am on my second new router. If you turn your computer and any other peripherals off it isn't so hard to notice. The bitch is once you are aware of it, it becomes a point of focus.

The second issue is with the DMZ configuration. If you didn't already know, you can enable DMZ and put in an unused IP address on your internal LAN, your ports become "stealthed". In other words you can do a remote scan and not see any availble ports. A nice unmentioned security feature that isn't readily known about. I have been doing this with D-Link routers for a few years now. If I enable DMZ on the G604T , the authentication to login at startup becomes very flakey and unreliable. I have even had the router become totally unresponsive. Alas, I have to leave DMZ off.

Have sent an email off to tech. support.

Any feedback appreciated. Tony

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