power save options on D-Link DSL-G604T

I have had a problem with my d-link, this is the e-mail a posted to this group

-------------------------------------------- Ever since I got my D-Link G604T I have trouble.

When I turn on my computer everything connects with no trouble, but some times when I leave my computer on for some time and then go and try to connect I can't get on. Other times I can connect, this has me baffled.

Has anyone got any ideas?

firmware for d-link V1.00B02T02.UK.20041126

I am new to this side of the Internet, before this I had the frog and it was just p&p with few errors.

Also I can get into the d-link settings pages at any time with no problems, when I check the settings it comes back saying everything is connected and the log shows there's no problems.

I have the microsoft firewall switch off and I'm using zone alarm as my firewall..... the firewall on the d-link is enabled???

please help

------------------------------------------- I've contacted my ISP and they've said that it's more than likely the router settings..... The idle time settings or the power save mode....

I have looked in the set up pages for the d-link but I can't find idle time settings or power save settings..... does anyone know where they are for the d-link DSL-G604T.


I hope someone can help me with this???????

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I just installed one, haven't changed any settings other then what's necessary to log in, router stays connected. You could try the factory reset and start again.

Is your laptop / computer powering down the wifi adaptor when left idle ? In any case clicking on the network icon should re establish connection in seconds. Regards, Martin

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thanks for the reply.

it's my main computer connected by a network card, I have the power down option for the network card switched off..... I have tried the factory reset but no good

I also have all the power save options switch off...... I have the new drivers for the d-link but I don't know if they are any good.

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