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Have one.. use it.. no real problem, what they discuss in troubleshooting is that other devices like other AP's, microwaves, pa systems, cordless phones etc, can cause interference. A real hassle when you are in town doing a presentation...

You may be misinterpreting one thing they do. (i'll try and make it understandable rather than technically correct). They use the idea of input and output memory buffers. If stuff is in the input buffer, it can be copied to disk/sent to another device/xferred to the output buffer etc. Another routine looks at the output buffer and send it to devices/disk/a third device etc. Most devices use that idea, buffer in - buffer out, it is usually just done so fast, you don't know it's happening and think it is direct connect.

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Both Linksys/Dlink/Hauppage and a few other new wannabes. I work for a computer sales/repair place, get stuff free/reduced price for evaluation, and do onsite training with what I bring with, and whatever is available at the client. My pride and joy though is the Wap/router (linksys WRT54G, open, (I use the SSID of PPin?? ), and the Ximeta 250 GB net disk

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) (Ethernet based hard disk, plugs right into the WAP/router, gives me 250 Gig of network storage for anything including videos/digital pixs/documents etc), have both in my briefcase, set it on the table and plug it in. Ap and Network storage to go :) Like the Hauppauge MediaMVP at
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Really cool, will paste part of the webpage intro: MediaMVP: the coolest video product on the Planet! Listen to and watch digital music, pictures and videos on your TV set, from your PC over your home Ethernet LAN! Now available at Circuit City, Radio Shack (some stores), CompUSA, Micro Center and Fry's Electronics for just $99.99!

Carry that around and attach it to whatever the client has.

As for your q about appearing as a clients.. I think the above description makes that a resounding YES!

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I've been looking at these wireless VGA presentation gateways that allow you to connect a wireless AP to a monitor or projector and send it video from a PC client using some software. Here are the Linksys and D-Link models

BTW - here's the infocus solution -

One of the things I noticed, is that they seem to imply no other wireless AP is around - like at a conference or whatever... So, the WPG has it's own wireless AP along with an Ethernet connection.

What about the situation where all the laptops are already connected to a local AP and merely need to shoot some video (wirelessly) to a projector. Can these WPGs act dumb and "receive" signals from the local AP, or do they only config as an AP by themselves -

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troubleshooting is

Wonder which one you have, and how you use it ? I can see two different venues - A - standalone from you (or group) directly to the WPG B - already using a local AP (with SSID) and have a projector with an attached WPG that is to be used

We have some "print server" devices that talk to our APs for those printers into the middle of no where and no CAT 5. So, a wireless print server works just appears as a "client" to the AP

I was wondering if the WPGs could also appear as "clients" to the local existing wireless AP infrastructure network - ?? So folks could just walk into a lab, conference room, or whatever, and have access to the local projector -

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