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hi i'v got speedtouch modem. i want to connect this modem with AP linksys as repeater WIRELESSLY. is there possibility to do this ?

tell me

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To answer you question as you explicitly asked it...NO. The Speedtouch modem is USB only, no wireless at all. Sorry, you're out of luck.

To answer you question by GUESSING what you have...I have no clue.

Linksys AP...I assume you mean the Linksys WAP54G Access Point, right? Or do you mean the Linksys WRT54G Wireless Access Point/Router/Hub combination? The WAP54G can only act as a repeater to another Linksys products.

Speedtouch modem? Oh...are you talking about the ST608(i)(WL) wireless one or the non-wirless USB one? You didn't say what you have.

The Linksys WTR54GL can run third party software.

Oh didn't say if you had the WRT54G or WRT54GL.

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