I'm divorcing Linksys; suggestions please . . .

I have a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router, a repeater, a print server and a card for my laptop. After years of struggling with a stable network (how often have I had to reset my router? Let me count the ways . . .), my latest experience with my print server that stopped working after 3 days without explanation and the subsequent loss of Internet connectivity through my router when trying to debug the print server and support's inability to fix the problem (blame it on Verizon, sure), are the last straws to break the Linksys camel's back. I would like to ditch all of my Linksys products and start fresh, but not if the new Belkin/D-Link/NETGEAR solution is no better. Does anyone have a strong favorite for reliability? The new brand will need to be able to provide a secure firewall to protect my network and have support that is open reasonable hours. Thanks for your input. Rick

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On Mon, 21 Jan 2008 12:49:26 -0500, RickVS wrote in :

Have you considered running DD-WRT firmware in your Linksys router?

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John Navas

I had a very bad experience with D-Link. Purchased a type N, fought it too long to take it back to the store. Ate the cost of that one as they will only replace it with a rebuilt one. Went to the store and bought a Netgear Range Max with no visible antennae. Flawless, easy installation. More and better selection of software settings. Easy integration to wireless units upstairs and downstairs. No problems, no relationship, no hesitation to recommend. I would not own a D-Link anything for love nor money.

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I'm new to this Newsgroup (and relatively clueless in wireless land). I recently bought a Netgear WNR834B (802.11n) and was able to get it going in a very simple environment (cable modem, 1 wired PC, 1 wireless PC) without a hitch.


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Dave Lee

RickVS wrote in alt.internet.wireless:

Both product quality and customer service of Linksys are abominable; we had the WRT54GS quit on us in 45 days, and getting the RMA from Linksys, who outsources to some place like the Ukraine or Bulgaria where no English is spoken, was agonizing in the attempt. Unfortunately you can find even magazine editors giving it too high a rating in their hardware reviews.

If I were you, I would google for many reviews so that you get a good consensus of those who have owned a piece of equipment for a good long while.

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Do they have model numbers? Extra credit for hardware mutations and firmware versions.

Years? You must be more tolerant than most. I usually toss or replace something that's a PITA rather quickly when it starts to screw up. Since you've had it for years, have you also upgraded the firmware and drivers for all this Linksys hardware? Linksys is quite good at keeping old hardware up to date with firmware and driver updates.

I won't stop you, but it would more interesting if you would describe your system accurately. Numbers are always helpful.

There are plenty of explanations available. However, without details as to the symptoms, it's difficult to offer an explanation. However, it do have a clue. Wireless repeaters suck. I've had miserable luck using them. My wild guess(tm) is that a repeater failure would roughly explain your vague symptoms.

Ummm... how are you connected to the WRT54GS? Wired or Wireless? If Wireless, the wireless repeater failure would also explain this problem.

Well, you got that one correct. The first step to solving a problem is to blame someone. I guess Verizon is as good as any to blame. However, blaming literally everyone involved isn't going to work. Since blaming Verizon didn't work, you're now blaming Linksys. Well, that's a good approach, but I can assure you that you'll get no sympathy from Linksys or Verizon support if you first blame them. I suggest you reserve the assignment of the blame until after you've fixed the problem.

No problem. Just pack it all up and mail it to the address in the signature. What I can't use, I'll donate to the local thrift shop. Incidentally, I'll probably use the WRT54GS for my coffee shop hot spots as they run DD-WRT firmware quite nicely.

Well, each manufacturer has their problems. Linksys screwed up their products with the WRT54G v5 thru v7. v8 seems ok, so far. Belkin doesn't bother to update their firmware, so every bug you find is permanent. Netgear WGR614 series has been an alternating mess of minor but irritating problems. When the router works, the wireless doesn't. They tend to hang when fed power line glitches. Lousy range. I haven't tried current DLink because of bad experiences with the DWL-2100AP, which magically stopped bridging more than one PC when used as a wireless client (after a firmware update). Some Buffalo routers like to reset to defaults for no obvious reason. Others blow up the wall warts. Basically, I can find something wrong with almost every manufacturer and product. If you want quality, have your credit card ready and buy something better from Sonicwall, Cisco, or 3com.

Sonicwall, Cisco, and 3com.

Support from these vendors is NOT free.

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Jeff Liebermann

When I did find something that worked from Netgear/Belkin/D-Link/Airlink it only lasted a few years before dying. Anything I ever bought from Linksys seemed to last. I have a modem thats been going strong for 6 years. In my opinion the quality of Linksys went down. They have to cut costs to compete with the cheaper brands. The Airlink stuff is half the price of Linksys

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