PIX 7.0.2 upgrading from 7.0.1.

I tried to upgrade Finesse 7.0.1 to 7.0.2 using ROMmon environment. I set up interface IP address, tftp server and filename, uploaded pix702.bin to flash:image. It rebooted and showed me the newer version 7.0.2. When I reloaded the PIX and I did "sh ver" it told me

7.0.1! It happened twice.

I also uploaded ASDM and it correctly tells me "Hey! I'm 5.0.2"

What was suspicios to me is that the length of the to Finesse images are the same but however they differ

C:\\>cmp pix701.bin pix702.bin pix701.bin pix702.bin differ: char 755, line 6

So what happens?

Should I erase all the flash and starting from scratch? Will the PIX, in ROMmon mode, be able to download a finesse image without having anything inside the flash?



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Finally I won over th PIX doing

tftp:pix702.bin flash:image.bin

and giving the IP of the tftp server.


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