OpenWrt to DD-WRT flash problem

I was given a free WRT54G v3.0 (with the traditional burned out 12V wall wart). After a futile effort trying to get the web interface to appear, I decided to try SSH and found that it was running OpenWRT. No web interface. Booting with the reset button depressed shoved it into the "safe mode" which reset the IP address and password. I logged in with telnet, turned on boot_wait, and saved the nvram. Ping still works. So far, so good.

However, after that, I'm stuck. I've tried various ways to convince 3 different TFTP clients, on two different machines, to upload either DD-WRT, the stock Linksys firmware image, or the latest OpenWRT image. I even read the instructions on the OpenWRT web pile. Everything I try results in a "timeout error". I've done TFTP firmware transplants before, but I've never had this much trouble.

Anyone got a hint?

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Jeff Liebermann
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What I find irritating is I can't find the source but I have heard that "overclocking" of the CPU can cause problems when it comes to trying to do TFTP's.

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Good point. I didn't check for overclocking. I would assume (famous last words) that dumping the router into the safe mode with a reset would return the clock and other settings back to the defaults, but it's worth checking. I'll get back to it on Weds or Thurs. Thanks.

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