OpenWRT -> DD-WRT on a WRT54G v1.1 ?

Anyone made the transition from the third-party firmware to DD-WRT? It's not clear to me the best way to go about it. Anyone happen to know?

Openwrt does have a "firmware upgrade" screen in its web GUI, however, no docs really state what format of file it wants there and whether you could really feed it, say the factory default .bin from linksys and expect it to work.

I do have tftp functionality available to me, but I'm not sure if that'll do the right thing to overwrite all of the openwrt-ness.

Openwrt does include a wget binary that i could bring the binary down the dd-wrt.bin file down into. But openwrt lacks the "write" command to do dd-wrt# write /tmp/dd-wrt.v2*_generic.bin linux as instructed in

formatting link

Hoewver, openwrt does have what appears to be a similar command: openwrt# mtd -r write firmware.trx linux mentioned here

formatting link
But the different file extensions and openwrt's use of squashfs and jffs2 make me highly doubtful mtd -r write is the exact same as dd-wrt's write command. But who knows...

Any insight would be welcome. I'll be checking the respective forums for these products in the mean time.

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