Supporting an older 11b client in the DMZ

I have a N adapter connecting via G, and other adapters/clients connecting via native G, but I have an orphan without any 80211g option- it can only connect via 11b.

The router has options for WEP OR WPA/2, but not both. (Not that I'd default to WEP if I can help it anyway.)

My thoughts are to implement the DMZ option and connect another, limited use router that is set to 11b and WEP to get this 'littleguy' on the net for now and then access.

Toss me some 'how to avoid pitfalls' if you can re: two routers, one in the DMZ, 11b/WEP, etc, etc.


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DMZ won't do anything useful. The strange definition used by wireless router manufacturers has nothing to do with the real dual firewall (bastion host) DMZ. The way it's implimented, it's really an IP address, where all port forwarding defaults.

Duz your unspecified model mystery access point have provisions for setting up more than one SSID? If so, setup one SSID for WPA and the other for WEP. That's what I do using DD-WRT. If not, get a seperate wireless access point and set it up for WEP. Turn it on or off a needed.

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Jeff Liebermann

1st off, Jeff; Thanks. (I see you answering w/o a lot of snootiness, something unavoidable in other forums sometimes.) 2nd, I am talking about a Linksys WRT54G.

3rdly, the idea of getting a second wifi router is likely what I was going to do anyway, (I don't believe the standard firmware in the linksys will support two separate SSIDs).

TBerk going to be scouring for a cheapy 11n I can 'sperament with.

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I don't do snootiness. However, I do arrogance, abuse, humiliation, sarcasm, puns, and humor quite well.

Which WRT54G hardware version? Look on the serial number tag.

DD-WRT v24 firmware supports more than one SSID.

I'm not sure if the micro version (required for v5 and v6 WRT54G routers), will do multiple SSID's.

Correct. The stock firmware only does one SSID.

You don't need Pre-802.11n unless you're doing wireless video or massive wireless file transfers.

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