Problem getting internet access but am connected to router and can't ping

Here is my equipment and problem:

Belkin wireless n router Belkin wirelsss n notebook card in an older HP notebook New Toshiba notebook with wireless n built in Other Toshiba notebook with wireless g built in

Ok, my problem is only with the HP. I put the card in and installed it and if I am in the same room as the router or close by I can connect and also get on the internet so DHCP is working fine. I can also get my other 2 laptops to connect just fine. I can take them all over the house and they are great, even the one with wireless g. So if I get the HP much farther away than 5 or 10 feet from the door of the bedroom, it will not connect to the internet any longer. Even if I put the IP address and the dns servers in, it still won't. Now here is the weird thing. Even downstairs, it still says signal strength good or excellent and connects to the router but not to the internet. I do nothing different accept walk back to the bedroom and it starts working. Doesn't appear to be a hardware problem as it says good connection even far away, just doesn't work properly and my cordless phones (also in the bedroom) are 5.8 ghtz.

So why do you guys think this card and laptop needs to be soo close to work. Again, the range on the router is great with the other two laptops. Thanks for the help!

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