SMC BArricade Keeps Dropping Signal

I am using an SMC Barricade Wireless Router at home. I have two Dell

6000 laptops with internal wireless cards (and a desktop).

I have set the router to use WPA encryption, by entering a passphrase. I have entered the same passphrase on the laptops.

The laptops connect but after a while (as little as 5 minutes) the connection is terminated. It's not a signal strength problem, because if I turn off the encryption, there is no connection problem.

Any suggestions on why it keeps dropping the signal when teh encryption is used?



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I had similar problems using WPA, this time on on a belkin wireless router. When I investigated I was told it was either the router iteself (it being rubbish), or that I had too many other wireless things interfering with the signal and causing it to crash, or my other equipment was too close to the router and again, causing it to crash. I moved the router to another point in the room. very highup and away from anything like my corless keyboard and mouse and DECT phones. It seemed to improve the issue, but as soon as somebody called me on my phone, the whole thing crashed again. Putting the security back down to WEP helped, but I didn't want WEP because it is releatively easy to crack. In the end I ditched the belkin and bought a Netgear router - this one infact:

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Since installing it, I've had no issues, and its been working on WPA fine.

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