Frequent disconnects - SMC SMC2804WBRP-G barricade g wireless router

I have observed wireless disconnects periodically before but it has gotten really bad. Up times are frequently less than a few minutes. This between two floors with usually good signal strength. Re-establishing a connection can take minutes - may come after recycling the portable adapter off/on a number of times, may come after rescanning the portable adapter, may come after hard repowering of router. Can even occur in the same room. Happens with both my SMC adapetr and my daughter's notebook with a different adapter. Sure points to either the router or some powerful interference. We do not have a 2.4GHz telephone and one neighbouring house is now vacant so I doubt it's interference.

Do others have this problem?

Has anyone solved it?



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tom Holden
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My guess would be interference, for sure. From the description that you

have made, it can't be the router because after hard-reset everything

remains the same.

Interference does not occur only from your neighbours. Depending on the

Tx power, interference can come to you from distant transmitters. For

what I understood, you don't have many houses around yours. That is a

perfect environment for a signal to travel long distances with low path


A test you can make is, using your notebook, walk/drive outside your

house and search for any WiFi signal. You can use Netstumbler or the XP


If you find any source of interference that may be the reason that you

have disconnections all the time.

I have the same router as you do and it works fine.

Another explanation, but far, would be a mal-functioning firmware. It

is known that the newest firmware for the SMC Barricade makes the

router a little unstable. Have you dne any firmware upgrades? Check

with SMC's site.

Hope this helps

Best Regards


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