SMC 2635W card Keeps Dropping Connection

My laptops are using SMC 2635W PCMCIA card to connect to SMC and Belkin wireless routers (802.11B). The cards are relatively stable until the traffic gets heavy, and then the cards drop the connection. (I am assuming it is the card and not the router because it seems to happen when connected to either router.) Running only email and light we browsing it will stay up all day, but as soon as I try to download a big file the connection drops.

Any suggestions?


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Probably the routers are dropping the connection. They do this if the error rate is high or the connection is bad. The router will keep stepping down the speed to try to compensate (to usually 1mbs). If it sees that it cant maintain at the low rate it will drop the connection.

You could have some interference around causing this........Do you have your routers set to different channels? If both are on at the same time they should be., i.e one at ch 1 and one at ch 6 even better,, 11. If they are both on the same channels they will interfere with each other.

If they are only on separately, then try a different channel and see if it improves.

Also, are there any other APs around your area? Use netstumbler or maybe you nic software and look around. If there are, then try to operate on a different channel then they are on.


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