I using a Siemens SpeedStream Powerline access point in my basement. A powerline Adapter is plug in a (9FE-904) D-link Router, my wife's computer routs and my daughter is also connected from the d-link and they get good service. (We have Cable service & xp operating sys.). For some reason, I have a strong signal(very good to Excellent) and I get the "limited or no connectivity" message and "this problem accrued because the Network did not assign a Network address to the computer". What!! Please help!

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maybe the wife & daughters computers work because they didn't screw with their TCP/ip settings

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Are you wifes and daughters computahs connected via wireless or via CAT5 cable directly to the D-Link router?

For some reason, the DHCP server in the D-Link router, did not deliver an IP address to your computer. Such things happen. Start by power cycling the D-Link router. Wait about 2 minutes to be sure the router is alive and well. Check if the wifes and daughters machines are still able to access the internet. Then reboot or restart your computer.

You can watch it happen with ipconfig. Open an MSDOS window with: Start -> Run -> cmd and run the command: ipconfig If your IP address is, then it's still trying to get an IP address. Wait a while longer.

If your IP address is, DHCP has failed and XP assigned a useless default IP address. That's what the "limited connectivity" message means.

If your IP address is or something similar, you win. It worked.

You can sometime force it to try again with: ipconfig /renew However, when things are screwed up, I often get hangs or bogus configuration error messages. Try it anyway.

The most common reason for DHCP failure is that your WEP key or WPA pass phrase is wrong or has changed. You may want to check this.

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