Complete Computer Freeze When Web Browsing

I've just purchased a 3Com Wireless NIC (3CRDAG675B) so I could connect to my flat mates SKY Broadband. I installed all the required software that comes with it (so far so good), my OS is Windows XP SP 2 by the way. I managed to connect to the router (Netgear), signal strength good etc. I launched a peer2peer program and everything was fine, strong signal, good speed blah blah blah!

I then decided to do a bit of web browsing but after about 2 minutes of browsing the whole computer freezes. I have Internet Explorer & Firefox both web browser cause the same problem.

The computer only freezes after you start using these web browsers!

I did have a Uk Online connection (via Voyager 105 USB) on my computer before hand but removed it before installing the 3Com NIC.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction to solving this problem!:confused:


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You have several different things going on at the same time.

  1. Your Netgear router is lacking a model number and hardware version.

  1. When you say "the computer freezes" does that mean that your web browsing experience has come to an abrupt halt, but other programs can still run normally? Or is the entire computer locking up and hanging? Or, maybe it's the router that's locking up?

  2. If the former, it's highly likely that your unspecified peer-to-peer file sharing program is gobbling more resources from your unspecified model Netgear router than it can comfortably handle. Check the documentation for your unspecified file sharing program and see if there is a way of limiting the number of streams or connections users can open.

  1. Verify that your 3CRDAG675B and unspecified Netgear router have the latest driver and firmware installed.

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