Happy New Year! [telecom]

Thank you all for your support and help in 2010. I appreciate your suggestions and kind words more than I can say, and I'm going to use your advice to improve this publication as much as I can in 2011.

Here are my resolutions for the new year:

  1. We'll have more information about VoIP and other non-traditional technologies.

  1. I'll add more to our archives about the networks, technologies, and management of both the Bell System and of other companies.

  1. I'll seek out and publish opinions from industry leaders.

Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year, Bill.

I would be especially eager to learn how Vonage really works. It's all a mystery to me. Sure, I undersand the transmission method, but I don't have a clue about how they "switch" calls and how they interface into the PSTN. I recall the suits where Verizon (I believe) seriously challenged Vonage for a time, based on Vonage's violation of Verizon patents, or something like that.

Clearing the air on Vonage and VoIP would be great.

Another interesting subject would be the history of how strong the FCC was in the 1995 Caller ID decision, then in subsequent years have seem to lost interest in maintaining the integrity of Caller ID delivery and they never did address the reserved PBX component of the original decision.

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There's nothing magic. They have deals with CLECs for local numbers, and a lot of gateways. When I had a Vonage phone, I did some traceroutes and it appeared that all of the outgoing calls went over the net to Vonage HQ in New Jersey and were switched there. Calls to other Vonage customers went back over the net to the other customer, calls to landlines went through a gateway to the phone network.

Incoming calls go to whatever CLEC handles the number, and out through a VoIP gateway. My number was an Ithaca NY number, switched by Paetec in Syracuse, and I saw the incoming packet stream coming from Syracuse.

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