Happy New Year

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Last year started out stronger than this year. Then last year was brutal. I had the work. I just didn't have the time to get it done due to family issues and obligations.

The family obligations are mostly met or ignorable. The work is coming back. I just finished my first mold in a different line of product. The customer reordered and order a new custom design just based on the test photos. It should be fun. Some of my first high pressure (technically) injection molds. Into the toy industry now. I need to make a few of my own designs just so I can show off the work. If I thought tackle makers were all hush hush. Toy makers make tackle makers look like publicists shouting from the roof tops.

So I need a keypad. I might be able to order it from Systems Depot or I might have to buy one of the many new old stock on Ebay. I probably need two. I'd like to add one inside my office so I can see what zone just chirped while I an doing CAD/CAM. I usually have just machine cameras showing on the monitors when I am working. See its not all off topic.

Happy New Year

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Bob La Londe
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Gee Whiz Bob, you are making my brain hurt!! And on the FIRST MONDAY of the Year!!! What a way to start the year................... LOL I am sure you will figure out a workable plan.


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Good to hear things are looking up. Happy new year too!

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Jim Davis

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