Setting up a long distance wireless hotspot

I'm looking into setting up a wireless hotspot between 6 users with a maximum distance between us being 1.5km, which is not exactly line of sight. We are wanting to be able to connect with laptops and pda's so directional antennas are out of the picture. So far we are thinking along the lines of having a dedicated computer running Mikrotik router OS, then connecting that to a one watt amplifier and a 15 dBi omnidirectional externally mounted antenna. What sort of coverage would i expect to get from this equipment and are there any foreseeable problems you could think of?

Thanks Evan

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I believe the fine from the FCC would be $5,000 a day.

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Evan1 wrote in news:

Legally, the highest gain antenna you can connect to a 1 watt device is


You gave virtually no information about geography, so no answer can be forthcoming.

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Without LOS, you don't have a chance. In fact, you need better than LOS; for starters, see

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Bob Willard

Line of site is essential. An AP running 2 watts on a tewnty foot mast can be easily seen from 800 feet away outside on a walk around laptop, but walk twenty feet into the shadow of a house, and it becomes invisible.

Why do you want a Mikrotik unit? Just set the access point with WPA and keep track of the users. Oh...sorry, you aren't using an access point. Hmmm... That's gonna be a problem.

I'd go with at least TWO *commercial* grade access point, that's at least $300 for starters. Prices have really come down from the $1,000 range in the last two years.

You could as well use couple of consumer grade APs and hope for the best.

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