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Hello All, A company that I work for is receiving an interupt message on one of their outgoing lines. The message is something to the effect of "your organization has restricted this type of call" Both local and long distance service providers point their fingers at each other (suprise suprise). We are running an Altigen phone system and experience this on only one outgoing line. Any insight would be helpful. Regards, James

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Rather than using standard 1+ dialing try dialing a PIC code before dialing a long distance call. If the call goes through it's likely the LD carrier. If it's blocked it's likely the local carrier.

This isn't a 100% guarantee, but indications would lean in those directions.

Another question is 'did this just start happening on that one line or has it been going on for a while? If it did have both carriers check for any orders that have been worked on that particular number. It may not be anything the customer ordered, but sometimes phone companies work orders on the wrong phone numbers.

Another is did the customer just change local or long distance providers? Sometimes numbers get missed during such switch overs.

Another is is the customer using and kind of least cost routing/ automatic route selection that's programmed into the phone switch? Sometimes the system is programmed to act on only one line. I'm not familiar with the Altigen system, but it might be worth looking at.

Take care, Rich

god bless the USA

Take care, Rich

God bless the USA

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Rich Piehl

Altigen systems are IP PBXs, so you don't really have a 'line', right? What, specifically, are you referring to when you say 'line'?

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