I've just bought this stuff and I'm not sure if this software works properly. I don't work in IT right now so I can't check any commands and settings on real devices, I just want to prepare myself for CCNA exam. I've got 2 PC:

1PC IP: default-gateway: 2PC IP: default-gateway:

I issued command on the router: int e0 ip address no shutdown int e1 ip address no shutdown router rip version 2 network

( if I add these lines aswell nothing is changed network network )

After that: from router: ping succes ping succes ping succes ping succes extended ping from to doesn't work

from PC1 ping succes ping unsucces from PC2 ping succes ping unsucced

I don't know why is that? I think it should be working but maybe I need to do something else.

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Make sure that the interfaces are not shut down. Issue the no shutdown command at each interface. What is the output of show interfaces? Are you connecting to the two computers with a switch?

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