unable to ping directly connected interface ( Mind Bender)

I'm setting up a home lab

and I've configured my Frame relay switch

and 2 routers so far

I'm able to ping across the cloud but not to the directly connected interface


R1 R2

from R1 I can ping but from R1 I can't ping

If I set up a frame-relay map I can ping the serial interface on R1 from R1

but it sends the traffic out to the switch then back

what would cause this?


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R2 router config

interface Serial0/1 ip address encapsulation frame-relay frame-relay map ip 201 broadcast no frame-relay inverse-arp

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When you ping a Cisco router's own point-to-point interface, it sends the packet out the interface, with the expectation that the device at the other end will forward it back. The idea, I believe, is that this can be used to test that the interface is really connected.

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Barry Margolin

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