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Can someone tell me how I might set up a router's WAN to a wireless connection?

i.e. I want the pc's on my LAN protected by my router's firewall, with the router's WAN connected to the wireless signal provided by my apartment complex. (The owner of the apt complex started providing this free service to all its residents, and it can't be much worse than my current dial-up.)

I don't currently have a wireless router, and I was hoping that I could simply add an Access Point to the WAN side of my router. If this doesn't work, I would consider other hardware.

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That's exactly how it works. You'll need something along the lines of a Linksys WAP54G in client mode connected to the WAN port of a WRT54G. You may have to set up the WAP first and then change the subnet of your LAN to not conflict with what your complex is handing out.

For instance, you set static IP of on your Ethernet interface, connect to the WAP at, configure it in client mode, reset your Ethernet interface for DHCP (Automatic IP, Automatic DNS), then use "ipconfig/all" in a Command Promt window to determine which range of IPs your complex is handing out.

_IF_ you get something in the range of above, then configure your WRT to be in the subnet, otherwise just hook it up (maybe with a crossover cable?) to the WAN connector on your router, hook the PC to the router, and see what happens.

[Don't forget to change the IP address and password of the WAP, so it won't collide with other folks out there doing the same thing, and so no-one can get into it and start fiddling with it's setup (and maybe destroy it) from the WAN side of things.]
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William P.N. Smith

What do you make of the following response from a DLINK rep:

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You would need a wirekess bridge like this one


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It picks up the signal and provides a standard wired Ethernet connection that is then plugged into any Ethernet equipped device such as a computer, video game or another router. I do this in my home/business network.

I have my DSL connected to a standard Linksys G router.

I have a computer rebuild area across the room where I work on client computers. This area has a wireless bridge which is then plugged into the wan port of a wired router this router supplies the ip addresses to these computers. In your case you would just use a wireless router.

There are a few configuration you need to make.

Change your wireless router ip address to some thing other than what your apt building uses. On my setup my wireless is set to and my wired is set to Change your wireless router's SSID to something other that the apt building's.

Also set up what ever security you would like on your wireless router.

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