Can wireless router work without being tied to computer?

Probably a newbee question but here it goes. Can I run a wireless router
without a computer physically attached to it. Say, I buy a router for my
broadband connection. I have a laptop, but do not want to keep it physically
tied to the router, can I load it up, unplug and run from any room? tks
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Yes, you can. Attach an ethernet cord from the cable modem to the WAN port of the wireless router. Log into the wireless router's configuration menu and configure it to your liking. Configure the laptop's wireless card to match the settings in your wireless router. (i.e., SSID, wireless mode, encryption, etc.).
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Doug Jamal
That *is* the point of a wireless router - your PC is NOT attached to it.
As DJ says, with the two units connected, configure the router (in terms of security, SSID, broadcast channel etc.) and then disconnect them.
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