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I have windowsxp I allready have a modem hook up, but I just got a laptop from a friend, I also have a linksys router befsr41 ver 2. I need in laymans terms how to hook up the router , where to plug what into what... I am 75 years old and somewhat into computers but I do not want to make a mistake so I need a step by step lesson on how to do this ... thank you

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Download instructions from here. However, briefly hook up the 2 computers to any 2 of the 4 sockets that are grouped together. Hook up the 5th port to the modem input. Then read chapter 5 of the user guide, which will explain how to set up the router.

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I just noticed what news group we're in, I hope you realize this is not a wireless router. You will have to use cables for both computers.

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