reset gateway router question, cant log in with IP number

does resetting the router (push button for 10 seconds) reset the IP back to

or does it just reset the password. I cant log into my router.

Is there somethng I can do? The router is working on my lan, but i can not get into setup, I can not load the password page because I cant get it to load off any IP numbers. Thanks

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What is "the router"?

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According to the manual you do this, but I had this problem before and had to email the guy I got it from to get the ip address to log into the router. I seem to remember it was a problem. Of course now, it is again as I wanted to make a change in the router settings. I seem to recall doing the reset did not help me log in last time either, do you know if resetting the router, also resets the IP address to log in? Because if it really goes back to , that does not let me in.

'You have forgotten your password Press the Reset button for about 10 seconds to reset the router to the defaults, then use the default user name and password (admin and admin) to access the Gateway Wireless Router Setup utility. Change the password (see "Establishing a router security scheme" on page 51) and write it down.'

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