Cat6 cables useful?

I guess this is off-topic, but I AM using cables to interconnect among my wireless router, client bridge, PC, and media extender.

Is there any value in using Cat6 ethernet cables with these devices? I am using 802.11g and I might upgrade to 802.11n. I am interested in performance, and also reliability. If a fancy cable can eliminate an entry in a list of trouble-shooting tasks, I am all for it.

I also have Cat5 and Cat5e cables in my hell box. I don't really understand the practical differences among all of these. I see that they are rated to a maximum count of MHz, but I don't know how to translate that into network performance and reliability.

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David Arnstein
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For home use NO Cat5e is good for Gigahertz.

Cat 6 is over kill most things cat 6 and 7 may be usefull for 10G

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Cat5e is mostly used, it can reach up to 100Mbps at 100 meter distance, this is more than 802.11g can reach (54Mbps) while 802.11g+ can reach

108Mbps in theory or if both units are few meters away in the same room!

Don't look for Cat6 or Cat7


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Neuromancer wrote:

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um the rule of thumb is cut the max speed in half to get a rough idea what the speed will be on a good conection as wireless has a lot of over head.

Cat 5 UTP can (if terminated properly) handle 1 Gbs in each direction.

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