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Never owned a netgear, but I have tried both Dlink and Linksys and have had good performance but seem to be partial to the Linksys wrt54g, I also like the fact that it has removable antennas in case I wanted to install a different gain. My preferred setup is just a wired router with an Access Point attached such as my WAP54g. It is much more flexible for future needs because it can act as an AP, Bridge, Repeater or an AP client where as most all in ones only function as an AP.

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Hi everyone,

I recently posted a message regarding setting up a wireless network which i had a good response to and am now pretty clear in what i need.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for a Wireless Router?, I'd like one to support 802.11g at the moment the cable modem is upstairs and the computer that will be attached is going downstairs and i don't want to recable! It's only a small 3 bedroom house so 802.11g router maybe a little overkill but i may want to add further devices at a later date.

Netgear seem to be a good choice, but having looked around some of the D-Link and Belkin and Linksys seem to offer the same but seem cheaper? Is that because they're not as good?


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Matt Jenkins (Personal)

I have a 3Com wireless router (3crwe754g72-a) in our 4 bed semi. I have hooked up the kids PC and my PC to it and we access a 1meg ADSL line.

It supports 802.11g and has a built in ADSL modem and firewall

I have been very pleased with it so far (4 months) and it sits up in the back of the house and gives strong reception up to 3 houses down.

Took me 10 mins to get started and a week later I tightened the security (WPA, MAC Addressing). It includes the ability to see logs of errors, ADSL status and many other bits and bobs.

I got a deal from Dabs (this router and a 3Com Wireless USB thingy) all for £68 (this includes VAT)

Ebuyer ran the same promo too. Dont know if its still available though.



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