laptops disconnect each other

before we started experiencing this problem, my sister had an ibm laptop with a pcmia wireless card and I had an acer with a built in wlan. Wireless worked ok no issues at all. Occasionally, when the wireless router was offline I would see her laptop broadcasting and even establishing a peer connection.

That was until she went and got another brand of acer laptop. Both laptops would be online, working then suddenly they would both lose internet connectivity. I can ping other wired computers in my lan, I can ping the net from my other wired computers but the laptop just won't ping outside the lan. It stays this way for a while then it starts working again, after about

15mins it loses outside connectivity again. I turned my wireless adapter off and the problem went away on the other laptop.

I'm baffled about why this is happening. Is it because the laptops are interfering with each other? or the wireless router is getting confused? It's a dlink 524

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