Question regarding CAT5 Jack

I purchased a tooless IDC Keystone Jack and it has 8 slots to fit the 4 pairs of twisted wire for the cat5. The cat5 cable that I'm using has an extra bare wire, for ground possibly ??

Where would this bare wire go on the jack ?? I don't see an extra slot for this !!

Please advise....Thanks

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The "extra" wires is a ground or shield wire. It's used with special RJ-45 jacks that have a shield connection. Something like this:

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I'm not a big fan of just chopping the shield wire as it tends to turn the cable shield into a big antenna which couples to the wiring. I suggest you either purchase the correct connectors, or exchange the cable for unshielded CAT5e cable.

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Jeff Liebermann

Never heard of CAT5 cable with an extra ground conductor. I guess its a shielded type of cable? For most purposes, I'd cut off the unneeded ground wire at each end.


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