Installing drivers for Linksys WPC54G

I had trouble installing the driver for the Linksys WPC54G notebook
adaptor ('ErrorCode=-3 Incorrect data or not enough disk space' - even
though there was a lot of disk space).
I think the problem was because I was installing on my company's
notebook - and they put restrictions on what can be installed.
Are there other routers with less probelms installing (D-link for
example?). Would I have better luck with a USB adaptor?
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I don't think that's the problem. I'm in the same boat. Linksys
techsupport was worse than useless so I'm still trying to figure out
the problem. I saw a post in one forum where someone suggested it was
a registry locking conflict or something.
Anyone find a fix/workaround for this yet?
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I seemed to have overcome my problem. I posted a writeup under "Less
than Positive Experience installing Linksys WPC54G/WRT54G on Win2K
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