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Have you used the install printer wizard of windows and selected network printer? Does the printer manual tell you how to set it up on the network?

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I would like to be able to use my DLink DSL-G604T router for wired connections to my personal pc (this works), my business laptop (this works too) and a networked laser printer (this does not work). I have spoken with DLink who say this can be done by assigning an IP address to the printer, but that they do not support or advise futher on this subject.

can anyone help please?



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the producer of your printer can probably tell you what you need to know

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"dave" wrote in news:d4ll4g$2ts$

I use HP LaserJets connected to an Ethernet print server. I have also tried a LaserJet with inbuilt JetDirect card. I also have a D-Link Ethernet print server. All work fine, either connected to the LAN or to an Ethernet wireless client bridge to give wireless printing.

What make and model printer do you have? What is its network connection? Do other shared resources (shared files) work?

Hope this helps

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Richard Perkin

hi, I may be able to help you here (of course the efollowing instructions assume that you're trying to connect a non-network printer i.e one which is dependant on a PC to work). i had bought a similar contraption from D-Link; only this one was called the DI-824VUP+. it is a 802.11g router with a 4-port switch and a uSB and Parallel port for print support. Here's how it is done: You should find similar instructions in the QuickStart Guide on the CD that was provided along with the router. a) Connect your printer to the USB or the Parallel port of the router (ensure that the printer by itself is working fine i.e printing as it should when connected to a PC) b) Now install the Printer's Drivers on the PC/Laptop on the wireless network. c) Pop in the Dlink CD on each of the PCs/Laptops and install the Printer server software driver. d) now in the property pages of the printer, on the "ports" tab, you get an additional port called the PRTmate port. Check this as the port to print to; In the advanced settings, select USB and also enter the IP address of the router. e) In the router firewall rules allow all udp connections from LAN to Firewall.

And Voila! you're done. You can print to the printer from any pc on the wireless network. I had to figure out point e) before it all started working.

Now specific to your case, you just have to enable the port in the router for the printer to work. I used a utility called "ethereal" to actually find out that the router was "discarding" all udp connections from the LAN. also, I would advise you to check printing by connecting the printer back-to-back with a laptop or PC using a crossover cable so that you're able to figure out whether the router is dropping the packets or it is a printer problem; and yes, the D-link guy was right: you have to assin an IP address to the network printer for it to work. This can also be done via DHCP on the router or by assigning a static ip address by loggin into the printer's admin utility/console

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