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I have a Linksys Wireless-B Router I have plugged into the Terayon cable modem to create a wireless network in the house. However, every time the laptop goes into standby, the wireless network disappears and I have to turn power on and off for both the router and the modem. Refreshing network list accomplishes nothing - the wireless network is not there.

Any clues as to what's going on?

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Got the laptop on AC power? They go into power save/hibernation mode and screw up when connected.. If on AC, set it to always stay on, if not (or you want to try it to make sure/see) actually turn it off, and then back on again allowing a full reboot.

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Peter Pan

"TristaSD" hath wroth:

Neato. A guessing game. My guess is you have a BEFW11S4. Is that correct? (Sherlock Holmes would be proud of me).

How many wireless and wired computers do you have?

Well, if the laptop causes the wireless to disappear, then there must be another wireless laptop in the system. (I'm sure doing great with the deductions tonight).

I have three guesses(tm).

  1. You have the Terayon cable modem plugged into one of the LAN ports on the BEFW11s4 router. It will work that way, but only one client at a time. I'll assume the client is running Windoze XP. A clue is to run: Start -> Run -> cmd IPCONFIG If the IP address is 192.168.1.xxx, then you have it correctly wired. If it's a routeable IP from your cable modem ISP, then your wiring is wrong.

  1. Windoze network browsing requires a master browser, which might be the first laptop. Turn it off and nobody can find the other machines with the browser until a new master browser is selected with a master browser election. The problem is that it takes 12 minutes for that to happen. Try waiting.

Or just try connecting directly with: Start -> Run -> cmd \\\\name_of_other_machine or \\\\192.168.1.xxx (IP address of other machine) Both these incantations should open a window with the list of directories and files on the other machine.

  1. You're running a peer to peer wireless LAN.
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Jeff Liebermann

Just one laptop on the network ...

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