Power Cycling Speeds Up the Airport Express

I've noticed that every now and then, my connection speeds will drop

> drastically to 3 or 4 Mbps (normally it is a consistent 16 -17 Mbps). I > talked to my ISP and we did some checking (by-passing the AEBS and > connected directly to the DSL gateway) and I was getting a solid 20Mbps > to the gateway. Power-cycling the AEBS corrected the problem. So.... is > this normal or is it an indication that I'm headed for more future > problems with the AEBS? BTW, I have both radios on because two of our > laptops can use the 5GHz band but it's not really necessary if that > could make a difference. Oh yeah, I've been thinking of using the > 2.4GHz band only because dl speeds are usally 2Mbps faster. Thanks.

I just found something similar using my Airport Express.

Using a citywide WiFi, the DL speed dropped to 2 or 3 KB per second. After power cycling, the speed came up to 80 to 90 KB per second.

I did this after waiting no more than about 10 seconds with power off - a short enough time that I did not even have to re-login to that WiFi spot.

--- Joe

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