The Comcast Saga Continues,...

From my Blog....:

I knew something didn't sound right....

I contacted Comcast again... seems this time, I spoke with someone with a brain!


chat id : 3441df39-5c59-4e54-a0fe-06bf8b3657db

Problem : Connection/Speed

David.6209 > Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat. My name is David. How may I assist you with your connection issue?

Charles > Hello David

David.6209 > Hello Charles.

David.6209 > How may I assist you today?

Charles > I have a question about this power boost thing, is it in the detroit area yet?

David.6209 > I will be glad to investigate this for you. This may take a few moments. Please wait.

Charles > I chatted with rep earlier, who said, I don't have it and basically said, I'd have to upgrade my service to get it. is this true?

Charles > I mean, My folks are paying alot of cable TV and cable internet as it already is.

David.6209 > Thank you for waiting.

Charles > her name was Tara.8332 on here

David.6209 > I am showing that it is in the Michigan region.

David.6209 > You do not have to upgrade your service.

Charles > Okay see my comments above

Charles > What do I have to do?

Charles > I am using a Scintific (Sp?) Atlantic modem

Charles > which has worked great since I had it. I had an RCA it was TERRIBLE!

David.6209 > But for your modem to be eligible, you would have to manually reset the modem by unplugging it for about 45 seconds, then plug it make in. You would have to wait for the modem to get solid lights again.

Charles > Okay.....Hmmmmm... I did this once already....

Charles > I didn't notice a huge change in my speed at all.

Charles > in fact, let me do a speed test a show you, if you don't mind

David.6209 > The enhanced speeds you will experience (up to 12 Mbps on our 6Meg service and up to 16Mbps on our 8Meg service), are "bursts" or temporary speeds. This is not a constant speed upgrade.

Charles > 1140 kbps down (~1.14 Mbps, 139 KB/s) ?

336 kbps up (~0.34 Mbps, 41 KB/s) ?

Charles > Which service am I on? just wondering

Charles > I see...

Charles > you see, I wasn't even aware comcast went to a tiered service plan.... I thought there was just one plan. Charles > I remember there was a old premium plan for a while, but that got scrapped.

David.6209 > Charles, I just noticed this. DOCSIS 1.0 modems will not achieve the additional burst of speed. In order to experience PowerBoost's full capabilities, a DOCSIS 1.1 or above compliant modem is required.

David.6209 > Your current modem is only DOCSIS 1.0.

Charles > Oh! Wow! can you guys possibly get a tech to bring me a newer modem?

Charles > you guys do own this one.

Charles > Call me Chuck, charles is so formal :~)

David.6209 > I will be glad to investigate this for you. This may take a few moments. Please wait.

Charles > Okay no pro

Charles > problem

Charles > oops David.6209 > Thank you for waiting Chuck.

Charles > Not a problem... David.6209 > I can schedule a technician for swapping a modem.

Charles > That would be great, I need a modem that can handle a CAT 5 connection, what I use here, with router and the cables...

Charles > most of them have both USB and Cat 5

Charles >

Charles > Afternoon time would be great for me.

David.6209 > Which day of the week would be best for you Chuck?

Charles > Not tommrow thought!

Charles > Monday would be great.

Charles > In the afternoon after 12:00 Noon...

David.6209 > I have times available between 2:30pm -

4:30pm, or 2pm-5pm. Which would be best for you?

Charles > which service do I have? or can you tell me that?

Charles > between 2-5 is fine.

Charles > I'm always here...usually. Execpt on Wednesdays... but this will be on monday... so, I'll be here.

Charles > hello???

David.6209 > That is now schedule for Monday the 11th for a modem swap to a Docsis 1.1 modem so that you can get the powerboost.

David.6209 > That appointment is between 2pm and 5pm.

David.6209 > You are currently getting the 6Mbps maximum service.

David.6209 > Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Charles > I see, nope that will do it... thanks for your help!

David.6209 > You are very welcome.

David.6209 > Typically, I would have a customer service ticket number for your inquiry; however, my ticketing resource appears to be down at the present time for maintenance. I have logged this chat in the system though, in the case that you require further assistance with this issue.

David.6209 > While you are always welcome to chat with us, you may be able to find your answer quicker by utilizing one of our many easy to use self-help tools available at the link listed below. We recommend that you bookmark this page. Thank you for contacting Comcast, have a great day!

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> Analyst has closed chat and left the room ======

So, Monday, I will be getting a POWERBOOST Modem... Hrmph! I guess that other person wasn't really knowledgeble about her product.

Not suprised. Not at all... Had I not asked further, I'd still be griping about slow speed!

Oh Well, let's see if they show up!

Till Next time,



So, I guess I must say,,,,,, OOOPS! But we should be a bit faster, they just never bothered to call and say, "uhmmm.. your modem is old, you need to get a new one..."

Ah well.... It was fun while it lasted. O:~)


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Enjoy the new cable modem and the improved speeds.


Ed N.

Chuck wrote:

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