802.11n Vista problems - decent adapter out there?

Moved to a new house with a wireless network, put out by (i think) an Apple airport extreme. Bought the 1 n-protocol USB adapter Best Buy had, the Linksys WUSB300N (that's what i get for not researching before i buy). Finally got it steadily connected, and now I'm dealing with the blips in system performance that occur about once a minute when the processor has any kind of a load; it's the problem where sound will stutter for a few seconds people have been mentioning in reference to this (it also affects games, in my case, they'll slow down for a few seconds), and several other n-spec wireless USB adapters. It's assuredly my wireless card; if i disconnect from a network, the problem goes away. So I'm running Vista 32-bit, and my question is, i've read every review I could find of every wireless USB adapter, and generally when i find one with ok specs, some user review will mention connection problems with vista or the system stuttering problem; so, is there a particular wireless, usb, n-protocol adapter that anyone running Vista is using that's great? at this point i don't really care about cost, just something with a good connection that won't be a pita to get working and mess up my performance. thanks in advance for any help.

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Why are you looking for USB adapters? -- Odds are good that the USB interface itself is the cause of the problem.

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Dogsbody wrote: > Vista problems - decent adapter out there?

Vista and decent are mutually exclusive.

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Do you have any clue how Mimo works (and that specific model is mimo but called n even though there are no n specs yet).... think of a lightbulb that puts out light in a circle (that's what a b and g/non mimo) do, now think of a lighhouse where the beam circles sround and is focused in one direction at a time as it turns... that is EXACTLY what mimo and linksys's so called N does..... you are seeing is EXACTLY what it is designed to do (signal strength high-low-high-low-etc)... If you want a constant signal that is the ame strength crosecond to microsecond, consider any of the OTHER devices that are sold, think star wars, stay far far away from mimo/n......

Although you claim you read every reveiw, obviously you didn't, cuz every one I have read says exactly the same thing....and they do NOT recommend it for constant signal speed/levels.......

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Peter Pan

On Tue, 08 Jan 2008 17:28:57 -0700, DevilsPGD wrote in :

Actually very unlikely.

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John Navas

On Tue, 8 Jan 2008 18:50:39 -0500, Dogsbody wrote in :

Pre-N is wasted unless compatible products used on both ends.

A driver update, if available, might help.

I use and recommend Buffalo products, but I don't use Vista.

Consider using a wireless Ethernet client bridge instead -- Ethernet drivers tend to be less problematic than USB drivers.

Otherwise, your best bet is to buy from a retailer with a liberal return policy, and keep trying different adapters until you find one that works well.

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John Navas

On Thu, 10 Jan 2008 15:52:06 GMT, John Navas wrote in :

Clarification: Very unlikely that the USB _interface_ is a problem. The USB _driver_ for the adapter is a different matter, and may well be a problem.

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John Navas

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