linksys wrt54g not connecting to internet

first of all, this isn't exactly a wireless question, but i couldn't seem to find a more appropriate group to post this in. it does, however, have to do with the linksys wrt54g wireless-g router. i got it today and tried to set it up, but i couldn't get it to connect to the internet. i tried various power cycles and MAC cloning and things like that, but still nothing. i also read somewhere that you could test the functionality of the WAN port on the router by plugging an ethernet cable from the WAN port to one of the switching ports, and if the WAN LED didn't light up, then the WAN port was faulty. i did this and the WAN light didn't come on, so maybe it's faulty. basically, i just wanted to check to see if anyone knew of any other methods i could try to get this thing to work, or if anyone knew for a fact that the WAN port is faulty according to the test i did. want to make sure that it's broken before i box it up and send it back, and wait for a replacement. thanks.

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Old standard reply: "Did you RTFM?

Open the manual, and work through the config/troubleshooting.

Then come back. Seriously.

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