Possible to share a cable modem through D-Link DSL-G604T adsl/router/wireless ap?

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> news: snipped-for-privacy@no-mx.forums.yourdomain.com.au: > > > I was thinking that is it possible to share a cable modem internet > > connection through D-link G604T? It has an adsl port and 4 ethernet > > ports, can I somehow share cable modem through ethernet port to my > > wirless lan? > > No. The DSL-G604T routes from the WAN port (in this case, the ADSL > connection) to the LAN (Ethernet + wireless). > > The correct D-Link model is probably the DI-624, which has an > Ethernet WAN port suitable for connection to an external modem (cable > or ADSL). > > Hope this helps > >

Thanks for your answer! So I'll then have to wait until my ADSL

connection arrives, and stick to my "not wireless" cable till then.

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