point to multipoint bridge problem

Hi all,

I installed a multi point bridge and at first everything seemed to be working good. I used 3 Dlinks DWL-2100AP. The central location uses a planar antenna and the other two use directional antennas that point to the central planar. My connection is great. I ping with 1ms response time and my transfer rates are somewhere between 2-3MB per sec from each directional to the central. The problem is that the lan's between the two directional antennas cannot ping each other. All my ip's are in the same subnet. Do i have to set up static routing or something? It's really annoying that after all these hours of hard work i have to send a file from lan1 to the central so lan2 can take it.

I've spent long hours researching this before bothering you. Can you please help me?


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