Client to server ping response increase

Recently upgraded to a Sup32 on my 6509 from a Sup1a. Most of the clients in the network are on 3560's that are then directly connected to the 6509. Before the upgrade, most of the windows clients would get about a consistent 1ms ping response to the servers, but now after the upgrade, it seems like these same clients are getting a ping response time between 1ms and 15ms. Is this something to be concerned about? If yes, what are some areas of troubleshooting that I need to look at. I have made sure that this 6509 is the spanning-tree root bridge for all vlans.

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David Flores
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Start by auditing the path the client takes to the servers for port speed/duplex mismatch; BW conjestion; Interface errors

check cpu and mem sh proc cpu sh proc mem

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