Lan to Lan to internet routing problem

Hi All,

I have two lans, the first one (Lan1) is connected to the second (Lan2) by a leased line, utilizing 2 DLink 1500G SHDSL routers and PPPoA. The second lan (Lan2) is connected to the internet with a satellite

2-way connection using US Robotics 8000-2 broadband router. My requirements are: 1- make Lan2 able to access Lan1 and the internet. 2 - make Lan1 able to access Lan2 and the internet through Lan2's satellite connection 3 - Make Lan1's computers (or some of them) accessible from the internet.

I was only able to do the first one. The ip addresses on lan1 are and the ip range on lan2 is / 255..255.255.0 The ip address of Lan1's SDSL router is : The ip address of Lan2's SDSL router is : The ip address of Lan2's satellite router is :

I configured the default route on Lan1's SDSL router to direct all traffic through the leased line connection, I then configured the default route on Lan2's SDSL router to the satellite router : mask gateway , and added the static route on Lan2's SDSL router : mask gateway The default gateway on Lan1 is : The default gateway on Lan2 is :

I was able to access Lan2 from Lan1 , and access Lan2 from Lan1. I was also able to access the internet from Lan2.

However , I can't access the internet from Lan1, although I am able to ping the satellite router (

The SDSL router on Lan2 is routing the requests of both lans to, but only Lan2's pings are successful, while Lan1's pings fails.

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance

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May be overkill. If this SDSL has interface with 10.x.x.x address it will route by default. But it's not mistake.


Wrong. the default would be if the 250 1 channel is wide, it would be OK (good) without adding routing table for 10.x.x.x (lan1) on each workstation (WS) in the lan2. I suggest static routing tables on all lan2 WSes. It will be OK (perfect) lan2 configuration.

I sure your browser "freezes" on some seconds when you establish new connection to Internet. It's happen because payload of your lan2 is 33% on this stage. Reason: bad choice of default router.

Nothing unusual.

Again, nothing unusual. Lan2 SDSL is fake router for Internet. Frankly, it's not a router for Internet at all.

Your main mistake is missing routing for 10.x net on 250 _real_ router. If you add something like:

250# route add -net mask gateway

you will solve your Internet trouble for lan1. But I can't call lan2 configuration OK (not good, not perfect). It will "just work".

HTH, agkhram

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Alexey G. Khramkov

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No. Router can transfer packet to hosts in own local net (interface with assigned address). Thus usr8000 can transfer packets only to hosts. Other hosts are redirected to Internet or will be dropped.

Workaround requirements: outgoing packets must have 192.168.0.x addresses. So the solution is NAT. If SDSLs can make NAT it will be perfect. Otherwise you have to install new host with NAT/proxy services.

HTH, agkhram

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