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I took my laptop to my daughter's house where she has a wireless network. I was told the password, but unfortunately, was given the wrong one. When I tried to connect, I got a "network security mismatch" message. I spoke to my daughter and she told me the correct password. However, I am not given the chance to change the password. When I try to connect, I get a message saying "getting information from [name of wireless network]" and then another saying "cannot connect to [name of wireless network]".

The only wireless network that shows on my computer (Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center) is my personal one. The other one is not shown at all.

My OS is Windows 7. I assume it stores the passwords somewhere and was bale to find a freeware program that recovers wireless passwords. However, it did not recover this one.

Does anyone have any suggestions/advice as to what to do? If I were to manually add the other wireless network the next time I am at my daughter's house, would that work?


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Gord McFee
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It sounds like it has the same SSID as a network you've already connected to, but with different security settings. This behaviour is a feature to stop you from being tricked into connecting to something pretending to be your network.

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