password protected account

I have a laptop with windows xp home edition.

I have a belkin USB adapter.

I can log on with no problem to a free ports.

But I want to log on to a pass word and Key protected port. I have the password and the key. What do I need to do to set up a profile that will allow me to access this port?

Thanks so much for your help.

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larry d
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Victor Henry

Hi I went to the above address It has a lot of inforormation but it does not answer my question. What steps do I need to do to add another connection and put in the password and hex key?

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larry d

If I decode your question correctly, you want to know how to add a 2nd WEP/WPA/WPA2 key. You probably can't do that with your unspecified model wireless router. Most routers have only a single *SHARED* key for everyone to use.

However, you're also talking about a "profile" which is just a mess of saved setting on your client machine. This is a convenience and is not necessary to making a successful connection. I take it your unspecified model Belkin USB adapter can successfully connect to your unspecified model wireless router. Are you having problems connecting with a 2nd wireless client? If so, kindly describe what you're doing and what manner of hardware you're using.

However, your question is also ambiguous. Are you trying to connect a

2nd wireless device to your unspecified wireless router, or are you trying to establish a 2nd connection to some other wireless router with your existing unspecified model Belkin USB adapter?

Also, if you're using WEP encryption, type in the WEP key in Hex, not ASCII.

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Jeff Liebermann


Hello I will try to be more informative. I am using a belkin usb g 802.11 network adapter in the gateway tablet laptop computer running windows xp home edition with sp2 installed. I am connection with no problem to various public hot spots. I just select the located account that I want to connect to and it works. However I have access to a protected site. I have the pass word and the hex key.(I understand what hexadecimal is). What I want to know is when I try to connect to that protected site what steps do I have to take to do that.


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larry d

ahhh - I think the confusing part was your use of the word "port" ? vs hotspot, location, or access point.... "port" usually implies some physical cable connection.

Each WiFi SSID can be configured on XP to specify how you connect to it. That is where you can define & enter the required security information for each protected access point. This is just done once.

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Thank you Yes that is what I ment. Thank you.

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